Bad Med Biographies

The special ingredients
in Bad Medicine are:

Philip Mooradian
(Lead Vocals and Acoustic Guitar):

     Phil is one of founding members of Bad Medicine.  He started singing at weddings, coffeehouses and any place where he could get started. While a rock stage may have once seemed to be one of the most unlikely places for him, he teamed up with Larry to form a band that would last a long time.  There have been at least 5 drummers and almost 30 guitarists in this band over the years, but only 1 singer...ever. The band started with Madd Maxx as its name, but took off with Bad Medicine in the early '80's and never looked back.

     Though taking a break for a few years, he has come back with his acoustic guitar to realize a stronger voice and a deeper appreciation for performing with a great team of veteran muscians.  It does not matter what kind of tune it is, he will work it if it means the crowd enjoys it.  Whether it is AC/DC, Melissa Etheridge, Scorpions, Journey, Sly and the Family Stone...he'll sing it.  Also, as one of the "business-minded people" in the band, he looks to grab as much attention for the band he can get. 
He also formerly worked on Blacked Out (Scorpions' tribute) and the Rock Tri-bute (a tribute to AC/DC, Def Leopard and the Scorpions).




Aric Clark
(Bass Guitar and Vocals):


    Aric's father played bass, guitar and sang in bands over in England during the mid to late 60's; this got him into music at an early age. He took accordion lessons and piano at a young age and then expanded to guitar, then drums, then bass... when he started Horizon 11 years ago. He took a leave of absence from music a few times when his daughter was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor and when he had surgery to repair a broken back. 

    He focused mainly on classical piano for a while (not formerly, but what he preferred) and influences for music and other instruments are everything (from The Wiggles to Avenged Sevenfold, but Van Halen the most). He believes, "A good song is a good song, no matter who wrote it or when it was written".

    Rob Duquette (AKA Duke)  and Aric also have original band with Dan McKeon, tentatively called the "Dan McKeon Project", but the name continues to evolve. There is material on Soundcloud. 

   He has also worked sound engineering for outdoor events like Old Home Days, Hudsonpalooza, Octoberfest and more as worked keyboards, bass and sound engineering for the  Blacked Out (Scorpions' tribute) and the Rock Tri-bute (a tribute to AC/DC, Def Leopard and the Scorpions).

Bill Davidson 
(Keyboards and Vocals):
     Bill joined Bad Med in the fall of 2012.  He started taking classical piano lessons at age 5 and continued with them through high school. In 1983, he saw Asia in concert -- Geoff Downes had 26 keyboards running across the stage and he knew immediately he would play electronic instruments vs. just piano. Aside of Asia, some of his favorite bands and influences include Toto, Alan Parsons, Genisis, Yes (The Trevor Rabin era) and hair bands in general.
     In the early 90's, he was Dr. Digital at Innoventions at EPCOT in Walt Disney World and delivered an interactive demo on how to write music using a synthesizer and your home computer.  Bill's first band was The Weekend Millionaires out of Orlando Florida.  In 1988, he moved to Providence, RI and was part of the The Big Payback.  He also worked at Star Trak Studios writing commercial jingles and composing music for television news and corporate video.  He came to New Hampshire in 1999 and played with the Martin Brothers Band out of Nashua, NH.  In 2010, he started B.A.D. Music Productions ( and he contributed music to a couple short films along with composing the main theme of the on-line soap opera "Proper Manors" (